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Recruitment And Covid-19

Recruitment And Covid-19
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Covid-19 has created an unprecedented situation, not just in the world of recruitment, but the whole of business more widely. This is an article discussing the negative implications of the coronavirus crisis, and the solutions for recruiting that we are actively providing to candidates and clients. 

The crisis caused by covid-19 / coronavirus has created unprecedented conditions for businesses. It has had a profound impact on any size of business, almost anywhere in the world. As a result, businesses have been forced to react to the crisis, develop tailored policies/processes and implement them............ all of which is in response to a virus that did not exist a matter of weeks ago. 

In spite of the uncertainty, negativity and fear surrounding the virus, we continue to do our absolute best to support the success, growth, safety and health of the clients, candidates and communities that we serve. We are actively and continuously updating our policy and advising clients on theirs, to ensure compliance with up-to-date government and medical advice. 

Social distancing and the recommended lockdown of business premises  

Firstly, what and why?

Social distancing is a non-pharmaceutical infection control policy, aiming to reduce/prevent the spread of infection by minimising social physical contact. A couple of days after introducing this policy framework, government then advised businesses to close premises, if staff can work from home.

Secondly, how has it affected businesses/recruitment and why are Recruitment Solutions involved?

Each change/development in this public policy has had huge impacts. Many candidates across the area have had their interviews and even outstanding job offers and contracts cancelled, and clients have exercised concern on arranging face-to-face interviews due to the spread of germs and concerns for their ability to successfully on-board new starters if they cannot come to work. 

As government policy has developed, more and more businesses are operating a 'work from home' policy. 

Each of our branches - Recruitment Solutions Tunbridge Wells, Recruitment Solutions Sevenoaks and Recruitment Solutions Kings Hill - have assisted much of their client base to transition their processes accordingly. We highly encourage video interview usage, applications like Skype and Zoom are a fantastic facility to do so. We are assisting and encouraging the use of e-learning/online learning platforms also. This allows businesses to train new staff on their processes and the touch, feel and texture of the business from home- faster and more efficiently than if they were in the office. 

For businesses in industries / sectors that are unable to adjust in this fashion, rather than to waste/lose the resources invested into their outstanding recruiting processes, we have supported the delay of start dates. Although not ideal in every case, by delaying start dates rather than withdrawing offers/losing quality candidates, businesses are able to introduce new staff into the business at the right time for them, and new staff can take confidence from the knowledge that their new employer values them and that the crisis is not forcing them out of employment/their dream job move!  

Changes to demand and workload, and reduced staff attendance 

Again, firstly what and why?

Similarly to social distancing, the government recommend self-isolation for anyone that is showing coronavirus symptoms, or lives with someone that is. Self-isolation means staying at home, other than for exercise. Self-isolation is another non-pharmaceutical infection control policy, aimed at preventing the spread of the virus by minimising contact between individuals with the virus and without, when they are showing symptoms. 

Secondly, how has it affected businesses/recruitment and why are Recruitment Solutions involved?

Simply put, self-isolation prevents staff from attending work. As a result, businesses have reduced staff on-site. If they are not able to work from home, this means that other staff in the business must share a heavier workload, and when potentially several staff are in isolation, this creates a problem. On top of this, many of our clients are experiencing changes to demand for their business product/service, often sharp increases/changes. 

Rather than allowing reduction to business functionality, Recruitment Solutions are supplying more temporary staff to our clients. Temporary staff (temps) are a fantastic way to cope with short-term changes to demand, workload and attendance by arranging cover from reliable, local, capable individuals! We meet with each of our temps and maintain regular contact, thus ensuring that they are presentable, healthy and not showing symptoms. We professionally reference check our temps twice to ensure their reliability. AND we run competency-based interviews with temps, to identify their strengths and suitabilities for roles with clients. 

Temp contracts can last anywhere from one day to on-going, and encouraging the use of temps has been a key focus for us, so that our clients can prevent coronavirus over-impacting their business function/productivity.  


If you require support on staffing solutions, your job search or more widely, do not hesitate to contact Recruitment Solutions South East, contact details to be found in the footer of our page.