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Video Interviewing, Virtual Onboarding, E learning and Online Training; Work From Home Friendly Recruitment

Video Interviewing, Virtual Onboarding, E learning and Online Training; Work From Home Friendly Recruitment
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Covid-19 / Coronavirus continues to impact heavily on industry across the globe. Virtual recruiting through video interviews, e-learning, virtual on-boarding and online training represents a viable alternative for businesses requiring temporary, permanent or contract appointments in order to operate at their business potential through this challenge.

RecSol processes are built on our consultative, personalised approach to supporting our clients. We take great pride in the relationships we construct with our clients, and the successes that we deliver as a direct result of investing the time into meeting with them and understanding the touch, feel and texture of their business and recruiting requirements. Ultimately therefore, 'proper recruitment' would struggle to be a totally virtual  process.

However, whilst a lot of us (all non-essential business have been recommended to now!) are working from home, virtual/remote on-boarding and training  represents an extremely useful and valuable option in order to continue running business processes smoothly and at their optimum under the conditions. Hiring managers are finding Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp and Facetime to be hugely 

Instead think that new starters'  start dates would otherwise be pushed back for weeks, if not months, incurring massive time delays, lower service standards or even loss of revenue.

We are helping our clients move forward to achieve the best for their business, now. Don't lose the time you've invested into recruiting this far, lose the talent you were recently excited enough about to bring on-board, or lose business by not having access to the workforce required.

There has been a huge influx of candidate-side market activity due to coronavirus / covid-19 related dismissals and redundancies. Meaning that right now, there is a far more saturated market of high calibre, local, available talent open for (temp, contract or perm) opportunities willing to help your business make the most of its opportunities through this 'coronavirus crisis'.

Snap up your choice candidate, with our help. Beat your competitors to the best people.

Why not onboard and train as extensively as you can with use of video or virtual tools?! You will soon reap the rewards without having to miss out on readily available people that were simply not accessible a matter of months ago. 

Have you thought about virtual interviews ?

Whether it is for a short-term temporary assignment  or full, permanent vacancy , the world is not closed!; candidates are looking for work and we are open  to help! So why not act now, and get all your ducks in a row....

Contact 01892 540054 or and let's start planning for all of your hiring needs.