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Top Tips and Advice for Video Interviewing

Top Tips and Advice for Video Interviewing
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Are you applying for jobs in Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Kings Hill or locally and have been invited to video interview? Here are some top tips on how to video interview successfully! 

The coronavirus crisis has brought about unprecedented market conditions, but does it mean that the world is shut? Of course not! The world is still open, businesses throughout the area continue to trade and are actively being encouraged to do so by current government advice. Businesses in Tunbridge Wells and throughout the area remain open and recruiting for temporary, contract and permanent staff. This is an article highlighting some key tips for candidates to elevate their chances of video interview success today!

In some cases, covid19 has actually stimulated sharp increases in demand, and shift to demand patterns, thus meaning companies' need to recruit becomes more urgent, and that they are more likely to require temporary staffing. In these cases, we have been encouraging and supporting our clients to schedule video interviews.....................

Video interviews offer a fantastic initial step for remote hiring. Platforms such as Zoom, Skype and FaceTime allow for hiring managers to virtually meet, understand and assess candidates, ahead of the market! Where their competitors may be forced to reduce their business service, and wait until they return to office before they are able to recruit, they lose access to some of the best and active market talent.

However, video interviews represent a whole fresh set of challenges, both for decision-makers, and for candidates too! To tackle these fresh challenges, we recommend considering the following tips!-

Think carefully about your set-up! 

Whilst hiring managers tend to be very understanding given the unexpectedness of the situation, a view of your washing line is not very high on their tick-list! We recommend setting up against a light coloured wall as your background, with your laptop or camera set up on a desk around 1 metre in front of you. This will ensure focus is on you and only you!

 Also, what to wear??! We always recommend 'dressing up' for first impressions, which stands regardless of whether this is a video or face-to-face interview. Your prospective employer needs to view you in a professional context, and setting high standards to begin with is always best. 

Test your internet connection! 

Imagine your frustration and stress if your internet connection begins to falter mid-interview! It will disturb your thoughts and disrupt the fluidity of the interview, not to mention unnecessarily spark stress for you, as you try to re-connect or make adjustments to your set-up. So, don't let it happen! Use a website, or your computer's system to test connectivity within 15 minutes of your interview start time. 

Practice your technique

Your interview technique will improve every single time you practice, therefore approach video interviews with the same attention! Videoing yourself and watching it back is the closest simulation to the interview, and will give you an opportunity to self-assess and improve. However, external input is always useful, so also ask a family member or friend to run a similar style video interview!

Don't forget your pre-interview preparation with Recruitment Solutions!

Over 20+ years of experience recruiting in Tunbridge Wells, 6+ years of recruiting in Sevenoaks and nearly 2 years of recruiting in Kings Hill, we have developed our techniques and tailor them to best support you, on your job search - use us! Before all interviews, we will schedule to meet (virtually for the time being!) in order to advise on your presentation/set-up, on ways to tackle tricky questions and to answer any queries, questions or concerns that you might have prior to interview, to ensure your readiness, confidence and excitement!


Research and prepare in advance

It is absolutely crucial that you invest time into researching the company that you are interviewing with, prior to interview! We recommend writing notes, including any (relevant!) questions that you might have. Preparing interview notes shows your interest and desire to do well. The single largest reason candidates fail at interview stage is a lack of excitement, interest, understanding or preparation - why waste the time interviewing if you are not trying to give yourself the best chance of success?!!?!?!

Follow up by giving email/telephone feedback

Exhibiting your interest and excitement for the outcome of your interview (straight after you have completed it) is an excellent way to add to your chances of success. Who would ever want to hire someone that wasn't interested/excited for a position!

Interviewing is never easy, but why not use a recruiter that can genuinely support and improve your chances of success?!?

Don't forget that this is only a temporary situation, it is a temporary response to a temporary situation, and whilst things might not be 'normal' at the moment, the world is not shut. Businesses continue to recruit and to grow forward!