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The Cost of Recruitment Companies in Kent

The Cost of Recruitment Companies in Kent
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How much does a recruitment agency in Tunbridge Wells cost? What do employment agencies in Tunbridge Wells charge? Why do companies use Recruitment Agencies rather than handle recruitment internally?

These are three much-asked questions that this article will answer, as well as why your Tunbridge Wells business should be investing in its recruitment!


Here at Recruitment Solutions, we absolutely love what we do- proactively transforming lives and businesses locally, and developing consultative value-adding relationships with candidates and clients throughout. We love the Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks and Kings Hill areas and everyone in each of our teams particularly love the opportunities to affect change that they encounter, every single day. 


Throughout our daily conversations with Line Managers, Directors, Business Owners, HR Managers, running and building companies throughout these areas, from SMES to Large Corporates we encounter various decision making criteria when deciding how to recruit to replace someone who is leaving, to expand the business, or because of additional work.


Cost is always a consideration for these decision-makers, who most frequently hold concerns which they voice as something like:

  • We handle recruitment internally;
  • Recruitment agencies cost too much;
  • We don't have the budget for recruitment agencies;
  • We don't use recruitment/employment agencies...

So, what is holding you back from making contact? Is it a perception of cost? Previously poor experience? 

The aim of this article is not to question your business choices, but to answer your queries on the cost of recruitment agencies in Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks and Kings Hill. We aim to  to give you choice and information and to  demonstrate how businesses can and do benefit in all aspects (including hiring manager’s personal lives) by  allowing our teams to do what we are best at  - offer you the best talent from the largest talent pool available, as and when you need it!


1. First of all,  d o you or your recruitment manager have the  resources   to recruit?

The first important question to ask is.... taking finances out of the equation, do you or your recruitment manager have the resources needed to recruit?

     In most businesses, recruitment is an add-on to a hiring manager’s workload, i.e. the whole process of…

  • agreeing and drawing up job specs;
  • writing job adverts and marketing content;
  • paying for job  adverts to be marketed;
  • sifting through (often unsuitable, under-qualified, or otherwise irrelevant) candidates;
  • arranging interviews; running interviews; making decisions and offer of employment;
  • arranging contracts of employment;
  • and ensuring the process is not too long so as not to lose talent…

...(in most cases) is expected to be completed in addition to the hiring manager’s day-to-day role responsibilities. 


Our question is, can that hiring manager really be expected to achieve the same result as a trained, passionate, talented and experienced recruiter?

Even if they could, would the   actual  cumulative   cost of  financial   commitment, time, stress and resources required to ‘handle recruitment internally’ (i.e. the process listed above) amount to more than a recruiter would cost ? Absolutely, it would!  

At Recruitment Solutions, we  charge   absolutely nothing up until you decide to offer to a candidate of ours , make a successful appointment and that person starts and stays. A recruitment service is designed to save you time, to improve efficiency, to provide you with cost effective, instant results from the pick of the current available talent pool and to give you the peace of mind that your company's reputation is being protected, enhanced and promoted.


….So the cost of recruitment agencies in Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks and Kings Hill is nothing…?!


That's right... IT'S ENTIRELY FREE- up until the point of delivery!

Using a recruiter to do what recruiters are best  at - sourcing and supporting an industry-leading quality of staff to benefit the success of local business (Well here at Recruitment Solutions anyway!) - is completely free, until   an offer of employment is accepted by a candidate and they join you! And indeed unlike other recruitment methods where all cost are incurred up front without guarantee of response, ours is a results-only service, supported by a 12 week guarantee and after-care program.


For small business owners, Directors or hiring managers this is an advantage as  no cost is incurred until you find the right person , and you  release your own time to be spent elsewhere in the business/your role.   Even with more sizeable organisations, who employ a full time HR Assistant/Advisor/Business Partner/Manager/Director, recruitment represents often only a small part of the hiring manager’s role and frequently takes up time that could be better spent elsewhere.

  There really is  nothing to lose and  everything to gain   by at least enquiring and giving yourself access to a section of the market that you would never otherwise have had. 



2.  The people within a business are its human resource, its most precious capital and performance business and customer experience is defined  only as being as good as the people in it Recruitment costs are an investment in ensuring you recruit the right person to your business, with the right skills to add value to their role.

Regardless of department type or business size- a talented sales executive (in the long run) means more revenue generation, the same way a talented customer services executive means higher customer satisfaction and retention. A talented software developer means more functional or usable software, the same way a better marketing executive means better audience/brand reach and engagement growth.

Similarly, a business going through a legal dispute, they want effective legal cover, the same as when running accounts or auditing, businesses want effective auditors……   Therefore, to ensure your business can perform at its potential, you must hire staff that catalyse that...  and that’s where we come in.


It is hugely importance for businesses to find the best possible recruiter at the price point that works! Working with us at a price point that you can make work,   will benefit  your  success moving forward by ensuring you can hire your candidate of choice that will add most value to your business.  


3.  So what's the cost?

By using a recruitment agenc y you are investing,  investing in saving time,   in  accessing talent you would not otherwise be able to,   in  reducing costs, improving efficiencies and improving business performance.  Our service is designed (and developed over 20+ years) to save you time, money and provide peace of mind. 

Ultimately therefore, the cost is calculated as % of the  new recruit’s first year starting salary.  It is a fully  tax deductible cost, and a cost that we would encourage you to view in the context of the value-difference contributed to the business by the new recruit (across their time with the business)!


If you consider the  difference   between-  cost of using the recruiter   and the  resources cost required to ‘handle recruitment internally’ - against the  difference   in  value-added to the business   by the candidate hired through the recruiter vs the candidate you might have hired otherwise,  this  investment is unquestionably  worth it, every time! Especially considering, you pay nothing to speak to recruiters, identify and interview talent, at any point...! 



In general, (most) business is driven by costs (in some format), therefore, concerns regarding costs of recruitment agencies in Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks or Kings Hill, are to be expected from businesses in the areas. However, the importance of getting recruitment right should guide these businesses to desire to invest in recruitment. The central question should be, would my business lose out by not incurring this cost? And ultimately, the answer is yes. Every business that we have worked with has profited (not just financially) by using Recruitment Solutions as opposed to other methods - a different recruitment agency or handling recruitment internally.

Thanks all for reading!


We hope all readers, clients and candidates remain safe and healthy throughout this period. Please remember it is only temporary, and first priority should certainly be the health and safety of you, and those around you. Call one of our teams if there is any support that we can provide.