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Market Insights; Recruitment in Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks and Kings Hill

Market Insights; Recruitment in Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks and Kings Hill
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A brief update, analysis and response to the current Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks and Kings Hill recruitment market. Whilst job sites have experienced unprecedented decreases in postings, and some local recruitment agencies have made widespread redundancies, the world is not shut, and this is an article to analyse the market changes from our perspective. 

We are all experiencing trading through extra-ordinary times and despite the challenges we are all facing in managing our current day to day operations, there is still activity within the local recruitment marketplace. As an experienced local recruitment consultancy, we are finding clients are holding true to the job offers they made pre-crisis and indeed some are seeking to capitalise now, and recruit the talent they want so they are not competing once the back-to-base operating scenario returns. The positive news coming from many of the local companies we are talking to is that this time is only a temporary hiatus and whilst none of us know how temporary or how long it will take us to get back to normal, or what normal will look like in the future - we will get there and one day this will be behind us, and in the meantime they need to trade, build and maintain activity with their customers.

From our conversations, what is apparent is that many companies are looking at and adapting their business in different ways - ways to meet customer demand now, ways to ignite customer orders, ways to manage from remote working locations and to execute their plan to deliver future objectives and strategy. We had a conversation with a company who pre Covid-19 were struggling to recruit the talent they had needed from what was a skill short candidate pool, but by staying focussed on their long term objectives to recruit the best people for their business, they have undertaken virtual interviews and virtual onboarding to bring onboard fresh and otherwise previously unavailable candidates. They have secured the best talent to help them trade through and out the other side of this socio-economic episode.

So, what are our clients doing beyond trying to manage the reactive challenges of day to day operations?

Some tell us they have had a real opportunity to see their staff for “who they are” gaining a deeper insight into style, resilience, commitment and approach, with some unexpected stars raising their heads and identifying themselves as talent for the future. Others have told us of their frustrations and disappointments and have seen poor commitment leading them to question, think about and plan for the recruitment of the talent they need going forward.

Others are taking this time to interview virtually, thereby gaining market insight and knowledge and being prepared to press the green light when back-to-base working resumes.

Some clients are seeing growth, and others retrenchment based on increased online ordering through e-commerce and more telesales; others have found that self-isolating individuals have left them skill short. In these instances, they are booking our temps to come and cover for both short and long term opportunities. Those of our clients operating key worker services are under pressure and we are working to advise and help them onboard the resources they need.

Others are wanting our advice, a listening ear and support through what are unpredicted and unprecedented trading conditions.

In whatever way, we are here to help. What we do know is this time will pass, and each week we are one week closer to the new norm, however that will shape.

We are currently receiving instructions to interview, with virtual onboarding plans, are agreeing pre-vacancy briefs with companies wanting to interview when they return to base; three clients have decided to develop their “virtual shop concepts” and have briefed us to identify developer talent and others are talking to us about contingency recruitment, pre-planned hires and short term opportunities too. Additionally, we have received “pre-vacancy briefs” for sales and marketing people and credit control and purchase ledger temps to assist in the onward cash flow control of those companies.

Some companies are taking an opportunist approach and others are long term strategic players with proper business building plans, investing now for their recovery. We are working with clients with as few as 2 members of staff affected by both self-isolation and increased workloads, medium sized companies where they have retrenched in one area and are now recognising opportunity in another and large corporates with an eye very much on the future. Clearly there are tough choices to be made, but confidence is building from those getting ready to take advantage of the opportunities that recovery will bring.

We are here and ready to help with whatever decisions you make.

Our team has first-hand experience helping businesses navigate the routes necessary to survive, deliver and prosper through the attraction recruitment and retention of the people right for your business, its vision and its challenges. Our Temporary Services Division Team has experience in making sure that companies have the flexible resources they need – be they adhoc and short term, pre-planned and long term or fixed term contract giving them the flexibility to navigate the best way forward.

It costs nothing to talk to us……………..we are here to help.