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Why All Candidates Should Consider Using a Recruiter in Kent

Why All Candidates Should Consider Using a Recruiter in Kent
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Why do people use recruitment companies? What benefits are there to using a recruiter? What differences are there between recruitment companies in Tunbridge Wells, recruitment companies in Sevenoaks or recruitment companies in Kings Hill? How much do recruitment companies cost for candidates?

Often, the purpose, cost and functionality of a recruiter is misunderstood by candidates, as much as it is by companies. Therefore, this week we supply an informational article aiming to answer your recruitment-related questions on the candidate side.

Job searching can be tedious, disheartening, stressful and anger-provoking... Whilst the growth of new methods such as web applications, job sites, recruitment software platforms has been huge, there remains a wide gap between the service, results and value of using these compared to traditional, personalised, recruitment consultancy options. This is an article to answer some key recruitment-related questions from candidates, and to provide information on why it's something you should consider, next time you enter the job market.

1. Established, Busy Network of Local Clients - Unique Market Access

Recruitment companies provide a level of tailored, localised market knowledge that job boards, websites and other career services do not typically have. Recruitment consultants have access to local companies and job opportunities that might not be advertised online, and that you are unlikely to know/have heard of before. Through establishing and developing networks of clients, and a constantly evolving, real-time professional market understanding, recruitment consultants can advise on available opportunities as well as routes to access them/give yourself the best platform to succeed and achieve interview. Therefore, if you are someone who struggles to find roles that you feel suit you, or qualified for, or would like to find out what else is out there, a recruiter should be your very first job search call!

2. Not Just A CV-Sending Service - Proven Process Expertise

Do you desire advice on how to better construct your CV? Do you struggle or feel confused at interview?  Have you ever not received a response from a job application or interview? 

Recruitment companies will take these pressures from you and flip them on their head! All recruitment consultants (here at RecSol anyway!) know and understand the most effective ways to represent yourself and your experiences to clients, both at CV and interview level. We professionally analyse and recommend improvements to CV’s, to help you best structure your experiences for any role! Moreover, rather than just representing a client company, a recruitment consultant’s role (we believe) is to identify your value to the market, to map out potentially suitable career opportunities and to support you and maximise your chances of succeeding with them! 

Why use recruiters that are only client-focused when businesses like ours have built a 20+ year reputation on candidate experience and not just delivering successful results for candidates and clients, but for being there when things go wrong too, and supporting each party through challenging times too?!

3. Full-Cycle Temp and Perm Service - Suits Any Needs

As we know all too well, job searching can be an anxiety/stress-invoking challenge, especially if you are currently out of employment. Whether you have just left school or university and are looking for your first job, or career, opportunity; or you are an experienced professional that has been made redundant, or left your previous role, with nothing to go to next - recruiters should be your first point of call!

As well as having open vacancies - which represent an immediate need - our recruiters can often make time to see candidates on the same day of enquiry! Therefore, rather than waiting days/week for responses from online applications, or waiting to hear from recruiters and not knowing their activity on your behalf, you can test what is on the market immediately. In addition to this, across each of our 3 locations we have active and busy temporary staffing solutions 'desks'! This presents the chance for you to earn (weekly!) cash, build experience, and develop your career skills whilst you find a permanent opportunity that suits. Equally, up to 80% of our temporary booking assignments have involved candidates going permanent, after deciding it was the right environment for them. So you can access temp and perm opportunities, earn in the meantime whilst looking for a perm position and keep close understanding to what’s on the market.

4. Access to Expertise - Market Knowledge

From the best ways to represent your experience in your CV, to how to tackle difficult interview questions, recruiters can provide a level of professional guidance, tailored to your individual concerns and job search in a manner that no other job search method could. Here at Recruitment Solutions, we seek to provide a complete cycle of support to candidates, ready to advise/provide recommendations at every stage of the recruitment process.

5. It’s…FREE.....!

To meet / register with a recruiter cost nothing! And for RecSol - it enables you to be considered for vacancies across each of our location’s service areas (if you wish!)! Whilst you do need to invest the time to meet with us, there is no financial cost at all! AND you gain!- market insight, recommendations/advice and tailored support, as well as access to roles that simply aren’t available elsewhere!

What is there to lose?!

Overall it is hard to see why candidates would choose not to use a recruiter, upon knowing all of the above. Not only are recruiters entirely free from start to finish, but the doors that we can open are far beyond those that any other career service could! The process expertise, market knowledge and value added to every job search far outweighs any other means to find a new job or career in Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Kings Hill or indeed nationally, at least we think so! 

So our main question for you is, why would anyone not use a recruiter?! - Maybe a topic for another article...!