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Your's your personal sales document

Your's your personal sales document
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Get this right and you're well on your way to success...

“Everything is important – that success is in the detail.” Steve Jobs

When you look at successful media and products, the artist or designer has always spent hours and hours crafting the finer details. Brilliant examples are Toy Story and James Dyson. The detail of items in the background shots of Toy Story and the intricate lines on products and textures make this a masterpiece. The Story of James Dyson spending 5 years changing 5,127 elements until he was happy with his prototype has passed into legend. This attention to detail should be applied to anything you want to become a great success...including your CV.

Employers looking at CVs will always enjoy pulling it apart; punctuation, grammar and layout all can make or break a resume. And of course, there is the content. This piece of documentation is a chance to tell an employer exactly why you're the perfect match. Carefully use the job description to create the credibility that you are qualified to perform the role in question.

So, what about structure?

Start with a clear sales pitch; your personal profile - a short paragraph describing yourself. Again, match your personality to the job role or the company. If the spec states sales experience is needed, then give examples of your success in previous roles. Focus on creating the perfect description that enables the reader to get excited about your attributes; that YOU are the person the decision-maker has been looking for. Try not to waffle - short and precise sentences that only relate to benefits and features of you are the best option.

Next comes experience...

Most recent first. Insert the company, job role and the dates. Employers want to see a clear timeline. Again, create a match, as you want the reader to be inspired by knowing that you have exactly the correct experience to hit the ground running. Talk about relevant duties; especially the duties that will be included in the role that is being applied for. Think outside the box. Most people won't even realise how many different responsibilities they have! Think about a normal day and write down everything you do; then choose 5 which relate to the role. No need to put a reason for leaving. If you have any large gaps in your CV, briefly explain around them...but only in a positive light.

Education is important...

Make sure it is well formatted with all relevant qualifications. Languages are a great addition to any CV, as is a clear explanation of any software skills you've got.

Hobbies and interests are less important, but if you can create another match to the role with them, DO IT!

In summary, the key to a great CV is how excited it can make a reader. A tailor-made CV for every role is the best way to succeed. Take time and pride in creating a document which represents you as the individual that will change the readers' organisation. Spend time perfecting your CV and making it into a piece you're proud of, as after all… “The success is in the detail.”